Facilitating Beyond the Crisis in Thinking

Typically, my posts try to capture original thoughts related to facilitation and process.  This week, however, has been one of rich discovery and learning from the words of others.  In this post, I am lacing together the knowledge of others in a synthesis of ideas to reinforce my practice foundation of process design and facilitation.  […]

Facilitating for Simplicity and Clarity

. I have been using Twitter in my practice for about six months now.  My account @facilitationpro is primarily a place where I promote and cultivate the practice of information scanning and knowledge management. To stay current in the fields of performance improvement, nonprofit management and trends in philanthropy, I scan numerous websites and other […]

Constructivism in Facilitation

. Once a couple of years ago, I was in a car listening to my sister swear at the voice on her car’s GPS system and I once rented  a car with the sometimes handy device. Until recently, that was the extent of my expertise with car directional GPS systems but in the last month […]

Using Taxonomies in Facilitation

If you have been following this blog, you likely already know that my goal is to move beyond “Facilitation 101” and focus on the deeper context of facilitation, which I believe is the ability to connect people, technology, and process in ways that create performance improvement.   It is my belief that the traditional view of […]

Facilitating Community Engagement:  Skills and Competencies

Facilitating Community Engagement: Skills and Competencies

the overriding theme of facilitating community engagement is the paradoxical challenge of giving away control and power in order to accrue back trust, collaboration and process ownership. Facilitating community empowerment requires not only an understanding of group process but, in the words of a mentor of mine, “group process squared.” Community engagement takes basic facilitation skills and requires them to be lengthened, deepened and expanded by a social theory multiplier

Visual Learning In Facilitation

Have you ever encountered a facilitator whom over the course of a meeting wrote down lots of words on easel-pad paper, filled up the wall space with page after page of notes and at the end of the meeting simply transcribed the notes into a word processing document or worse, never captured the content at […]

Facilitating Collaboration: Five Potential Models

Facilitating Collaboration: Five Potential Models

There is a myth perpetuated that “collaboration is an unnatural act” but thinking about the models and process of collaboration is, at its core, systems thinking. If we are intentional about imagining what collaboration could look like, it can serve as a frame for a strategic conversation about the role collaboration plays in strengthening the capacity of stakeholders as they seek to expand, grow and achieve a common mission.

Socially Responsible Growth & Strategy

In the last 15-20 years the concept of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) has grown from an abstract investment concept to a mainstream practice.  According to the Social Investment Forum’s 2007 report on SRI Trends, over $2.71 trillion in total assets are being managed using one or more of the three core SRI investing strategies. This […]

Four Board Membership Conversations

I have outlined board frameworks elsewhere and this blog is a more practical companion. While there are literally dozens of books, websites and blogs devoted solely to the topic of nonprofit boards it is still a common phenomenon for nonprofits to struggle to identify the strategic composition and functioning of their board of directors. What […]

Goals and Objectives Matter

Recently, I was asking a team for their feedback on the goals and objectives for an approaching  meeting and one team member emailed me, “I always get confused by the differences between goals and objectives but here is what I want out of the meeting.”  As I read these words I had one of those […]