The Big Ideas: Checking the Authenticity of a Strategic Plan

One of the dominant themes in my blog posts this year has been outlining dimensions of nonprofit strategy and, in my conversations with clients and potential clients, strategy is still the major theme.  A question that I have recently been pondering was asked by a colleague who had just gone through a strategic planning process.  […]

Facilitating for Organizational Learning

In recently discussing a potential large-scale facilitation with a client, I found myself drawing from the foundations of performance improvement and empowerment education to help frame the project. At first, the client was jumping ahead to facilitation methodology as I was still trying to wrap my head around the process.

Facilitating Nonprofit Technology Planning

For the last couple of decades, technology has been advancing at a breakneck speed, with each generation of technology continuing to reinvent, if not make obsolete, the previous generation.  At the personal level we now enjoy expanded communications, near real time sharing of our lives though social media, and digital tools that allow us to […]

Facilitating a SWOT Excercise

Facilitating a SWOT Excercise

Facilitating a SWOT Exercise Facilitating a SWOT analysis is dutifully interserted into every strategic planning process as a means of thinking about the competitive position of an organization.  Unfortunately, most SWOT analyses are subjective and biased explorations that have the potential of oversimplifying the strategic direction of an organization or trapping an organization in a […]

Facilitating for Simplicity and Clarity

. I have been using Twitter in my practice for about six months now.  My account @facilitationpro is primarily a place where I promote and cultivate the practice of information scanning and knowledge management. To stay current in the fields of performance improvement, nonprofit management and trends in philanthropy, I scan numerous websites and other […]

Five Principles of a Solution-Focused Facilitation Process

. In my consulting I have made it a practice to discuss with clients my philosophical approach and the foundational theories that I use to in facilitation.  I find this is often time well spent because it helps to create a shared space for our working relationship. One “shared space” discussion that is important to […]

Facilitating Conversations on Collaboration

. In my last post I asserted that the nonprofit organizations of tomorrow are being born out of the economic crisis of today.  In this current economic turmoil, there are many voices counseling the nonprofit world to increase “collaboration.” Unfortunately, many of these experts are using “collaboration” as euphemism for “merger and acquisition.”  However, unlike […]

Inquiry as a Facilitation Skill

I have been working on a business-planning project for a client.  As part of the front-end assessment I have been doing a series of in-person and telephone interviews.  The interview structure includes inward conversations with key staff, board members, and volunteers involved with the agency, interviewing the “second circle” of local key stakeholders, and finally, […]

Constructivism in Facilitation

. Once a couple of years ago, I was in a car listening to my sister swear at the voice on her car’s GPS system and I once rented  a car with the sometimes handy device. Until recently, that was the extent of my expertise with car directional GPS systems but in the last month […]

Using Taxonomies in Facilitation

If you have been following this blog, you likely already know that my goal is to move beyond “Facilitation 101” and focus on the deeper context of facilitation, which I believe is the ability to connect people, technology, and process in ways that create performance improvement.   It is my belief that the traditional view of […]