Four Aspects of Nonprofit Excellence

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Nonprofit Network of Southwest Washington’s Nonprofit Excellence Awards presentation. The event recognized local nonprofit agencies and community partners for excellence.  I always welcome the opportunity to attend such events because I believe such gatherings give insight into the heart and soul of the local nonprofit community.  As […]

The Big Ideas: Checking the Authenticity of a Strategic Plan

One of the dominant themes in my blog posts this year has been outlining dimensions of nonprofit strategy and, in my conversations with clients and potential clients, strategy is still the major theme.  A question that I have recently been pondering was asked by a colleague who had just gone through a strategic planning process.  […]

Facilitating Beyond the Crisis in Thinking

Typically, my posts try to capture original thoughts related to facilitation and process.  This week, however, has been one of rich discovery and learning from the words of others.  In this post, I am lacing together the knowledge of others in a synthesis of ideas to reinforce my practice foundation of process design and facilitation.  […]

Advancing Capacity of Organizations: A Strategic Conversation

In one of the early posts to this blog I offered a taxonomy to help nonprofits think about organizational capacity, resource development planning and fundraising.  In that post I described capacity development as the practice of developing and maintaining staff skills, organizational systems and intellectual and physical resources required to meet your organizational mission. In […]

Four Board Membership Conversations

I have outlined board frameworks elsewhere and this blog is a more practical companion. While there are literally dozens of books, websites and blogs devoted solely to the topic of nonprofit boards it is still a common phenomenon for nonprofits to struggle to identify the strategic composition and functioning of their board of directors. What […]

Data Drives Everything

. In addition to facilitation and process the recurring themes of this blog also include discussions of performance, measurement and agency capacity, with a focus on the government and nonprofit sector. Recently I was in a conversation with a colleague where we were discussing the keys to sustainable nonprofit growth. As we talked about the […]

Agency Capcity, Resource Development Planning & Fundraising

. A few years back, I directed a larger national training project that worked extensively with non-profits on fundraising, capacity building, and resource development planning.  One of the challenges of this work was that there was a surprising lack of  a common vocabulary describing the the differences between the three terms.  Unfortunately many nonprofit agencies […]