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Overview: Who We Serve

In today’s landscape of change the old models, truisms and consulting practices are increasingly less relevant. New models of social impact, vision, strategic edge, and leadership are shaping the intersecting ecosystem of nonprofits, government and philanthropy.  Collaboration is becoming more than a lofty idea and it is increasingly driving the development of strategy, accountable programs, services and policies. If you are here, it is likely because you are looking for solutions based on the new.

Facilitating change requires experience in the social sector systems. New thinking and new competencies that link strategic facilitation with strategic process. Facilitation & Process specialized in working with:


The relevancy and success of Nonprofit organizations today depends on leadership, vision and the ability to adapt and change. Today strategy matters more than ever. Strategy. Built on a clear social impact model, in partnership with other nonprofits, philanthropy and government agencies. More Information.


Simply stated, the portfolio of philanthropy is complex with multiple philanthropic institutions each pursuing a variety theories of leverage, change and scale. Thinking together and creapartnerships between philanthropy, nonprofits and government agencies are more critical than ever.  More Information.


Government today is changing. Open. Streamlined, adaptable. Programs, services and policies are increasingly built in partnership with nonprofits, philanthropy and the community. Facilitating  change requires more than just running a great meeting. More Information.

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