Four Aspects of Nonprofit Excellence

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Nonprofit Network of Southwest Washington’s Nonprofit Excellence Awards presentation. The event recognized local nonprofit agencies and community partners for excellence.  I always welcome the opportunity to attend such events because I believe such gatherings give insight into the heart and soul of the local nonprofit community.  As […]

Ten Steps for Building an Effective Nonprofit Board: A Checklist for Action

This blog is in response to a couple of emails I received in response to my last post about how useful the information was. One question I received was “Do you have a checklist that we could use to help us in our next board meeting?” You asked. I deliver. In this post I present “Ten Steps for Building an Effective Nonprofit Board: A Checklist for Action” This free 12-page PDF document is not designed to be an exhaustive guide to developing and staffing a board. Rather is a practice-based assessment tool

Fostering a Nonprofit Culture of Courage

When working with nonprofit agencies on strategy, I often find myself making four principle statements — Be authentic, be intentional, be large, and be radical.  I find myself repeating these principles because in this continuing anemic economic climate, many nonprofits are still operating out of a conservative posture.  Strategy is often focused on preserving core […]

Facilitating Knowledge Creation & Management

. As groups and teams work together on planning or performance improvement initiatives there is often a secondary agenda of creating and capturing knowledge. So, for example a healthcare team wanting to improve patient services might meet to develop a series of rapid cycle tests using the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PSDA) model. While the […]

Facilitating Technology-based Collaborative Workspaces Part 2

. In Part 1 of this post I discussed the roles of a facilitator in helping teams function in a technology-based workspace that was specific to document co-creation (as opposed to web-based training).  The basic message is that all projects need to lead with a consideration of facilitation followed by the process development. When a […]

Facilitating Technology-based Collaborative Workspaces Part 1

. In an age of networks and distributed technology the convening and teams located in different offices or even different continents is an increasingly common phenomenon.  Web-based training, email discussion groups and teleconferencing are now commonplace means of conducting training and exchanging information.  Also increasingly common is the use of technology-based collaborative workspaces for the […]

Data Drives Everything

. In addition to facilitation and process the recurring themes of this blog also include discussions of performance, measurement and agency capacity, with a focus on the government and nonprofit sector. Recently I was in a conversation with a colleague where we were discussing the keys to sustainable nonprofit growth. As we talked about the […]