Nonprofit Strategic Advisory Services

I became a consultant to bring fresh strategies and ideas to nonprofits, government and philanthropy. After many years, as a manager on the other side of the table, I knew that consultants are not all the same. Many rely on outdated approaches or simply don’t have the real-world experience to navigate complex initiatives. With over 20 years of front line management experience, I am proud to offer imaginative, customized solutions helping organizations like yours to solve problems, increase effectiveness, and community impact.

For nine years, I helped scores of organizations manage projects through to success. I then took a sabbatical from consulting. During that time, I spent a year and a half as a nonprofit Executive Director, with my sleeves rolled up, strengthening donor relationships, helping staff improve donor database practices, working intensely with the board, wrestling with finances, reorganizing staff, and improving human resource practices. I left the nonprofit with a new strategic plan, a strengthened operational infrastructure, stronger financials, better community relationships, and a significant new program are on the verge of opening. I also left with fresh perspectives to add to my consulting practice. Retooled.

Yes, I still facilitate retreats, provide training, assess and strengthen boards, and develop written strategic plans. However, anyone with a textbook or two can be your extra set of hired hands.

My value proposition is to be your partner in thinking, designing, co-creating. I would welcome being your strategic advisor to help you transform your board, strategy, revenues, or organizational performance.

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