How We Work

Facilitation is about the process design that removes the obstacles keeping you and your team from achieving your desired goals of performance improvement. Empowerment and performance improvement rarely result from simply running a good meeting but are dependent upon creating customized and tailored solutions to meet your needs.   How we work, suggests that consulting is a relationship between you and me.  That is why I offer a comprehensive process of developing a working relationship that includes the following stages:

  • Initial Contact:  Whether you are more comfortable calling, sending an email or filling out a contact form, our first contact will be include a short 15-20 minute assessment of your needs and how they fit with my services.  If I can’t help you, I likely know someone who I can refer you to.
  • Initial Consultation:  If I can help you, the next step is to schedule a 30-45 minute initial consultation where we meet either in person or by phone to fully discuss your needs, desired outcomes and short-term and long-term options.  By the end of the meeting, we typically will have a draft scope of work.
  • Contract negotiation:  If we are in agreement to move forward, we will develop a win-win contract that fully develops the deliverables, workplan and timeframe.  In this process, I am more than willing to develop a contract according to your agency’s template or I have a couple of standard contract templates that I use.  Also, I recognize that each business functions in a dynamic business environment and I typically structure payment terms around the needs of clients.
  • Kick off meeting:  After the contract is signed (but before work begins) I typically will host a 30-60 minute kick off meeting with your team to review expectations, develop communication structures and generally get to know each other.  I talk more about kick off meetings in a post on consulting expectations.
  • Contract Implementation:  The next stage is the contract implementation.  During implementation, we will have periodic check in meetings to assess the progress of the implementation.
  • Evaluation:  Following the completion of the contract I will offer an evaluation where we can debrief the process, outcomes and bring closure to the project.

Above all else Facilitation & Process, LLC, seeks to help you, the client, close the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. My philosophy for consulting keeps you as the client at the core of our consulting relationship. I encourage you to read my post on Principles for Hiring a Consultant and when you are in need of my Services, I would be honored to work with you. Additional information about me can be found in my Professional Biography.