Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Turn your vision into strategy

If you are at a crossroads between where you are and where you want to be, we can help. We guide nonprofits, government agencies and philanthropic organizations through complex challenges so they can stand stronger and have greater community impact.

The difference between greatness and mediocrity is strategy

We live in an increasingly complex social sector environment. Organizations must have a disciplined strategy, a flexible development model and clear performance measurements in order to succeed. A written strategic plan is a roadmap and management tool to keep you focused and outcome driven.

We help you take charge of your future

Strategy is not something you can guesstimate. It’s a well thought out plan that explores your current situation and creates the best way to move toward sustainable growth and greater community impact.

We bring a deep understanding of the developmental stages of nonprofit organizations and help you thrive at your current level or position for the next stage of growth.  Whether your nonprofit is a start up, a national leader or somewhere in between, we understand that your organization is unique. That’s why we look at your project holistically. We’ll create a unique personalized plan that addresses your specific needs and the best path to achieve them. The strategic plan we develop will become an effective management tool to help your organization focus, improve and grow.

Services We Offer

Strategic planning process design
Internal assessments and environmental scan
Process support in designing strategic priorities
Revenue model development and forecasting
Writing a high quality and useful strategic plan
Training and coaching support (on-site or virtual)

Revenue Planning

Have confidence in your mission and money

When you feel like you’re on the fundraising hamster wheel, it’s time to step back and think differently about the money that fuels your mission. We help you dig deep into potential revenue sources to create a sustainable model for reliable funding.

Innovative nonprofit leaders build a clear revenue model

Nonprofit leaders are constantly challenged with finding money to fuel the mission of their organization.  This is especially true as traditional nonprofit funding streams are shifting. Government budgets are shrinking, foundations are making bigger bets on fewer organizations, online giving platforms are thriving and a focus on earned income and social enterprise are simultaneously creating challenges and new opportunities for fundraising. Sorting through revenue options and investing smartly are now core competencies for nonprofit leaders.

We help you identify your fundraising options

For over 20 years we’ve helped organizations to manage existing revenues and explore potential new funding streams. Deciding which funding sources are accessible and which make the most sense to pursue are two different components of a complex yet, critical conversation. We offer a comprehensive capacity analysis and help create a revenue model that works for you. Let’s design a framework for long-term financial viability and growth.

Services We Offer

Assessment and benchmarking your program against similar agencies
Budget forecasting and developing revenue stream projections
Capacity planning for revenue growth
Exploration and business planning for earned income and social enterprise
Writing a high quality and useful revenue plan
Training and coaching support (on-site or virtual)
Strategic Planning
Board Development

Nonprofit Board Development

Become a high-impact Organization

We help remove the obstacles that keep you and your team from achieving your goals. We guide nonprofits, government agencies and philanthropic organizations through complex challenges, resulting in measurable, lasting performance improvement.

High-performing boards are the foundation of effective nonprofit organizations

The strength of your leadership is the difference between your nonprofit simply doing good work and making a real community impact. Whether you’re a startup or a national leader, having a board that helps you navigate your current stage of growth is no longer optional. That’s why it’s mission critical to routinely invest in developing the knowledge and skills of your board.

We help your team dream bigger

Whether you want to improve your board/management relations, plan more effective meetings, re-evaluate policies or redesign your board process, we can help. We identify your existing strengths and use them to infuse new energy and productivity within critical areas of your organization. We don’t show you generic templates or 10-year-old PowerPoint presentations. Instead we partner with you to develop customized and tailored solutions to help your board achieve more.

Services We Offer

High impact Board retreats
Board assessment and redesign support
Governance training
Leadership development
Board recruitment planning
Training and coaching support (on-site or virtual)


Community Collaboration

Do more good with like-minded individuals

Collaboration is a powerful lever for community change. Yet there are times when working together can become clunky, bogged down in a quagmire of indecision and complexity. We help groups and teams break through the challenges and roadblocks of working together.

Collaboration is no longer a buzzword, but a principle of action

Leaders of nonprofits, government, and philanthropic agencies are increasingly adopting collaborative strategies to ensure that all voices are heard and make a greater community impact. Tackling today’s social issues like reducing homelessness, domestic violence, climate change, and youth development, and promoting thriving arts and culture requires deep collaboration among our partners, neighbors, and communities. Collaboration is the lever for systematic change. Because the message is clear – we are smarter and stronger together.

We help you collaborate better

We provide practical advice and tools to walk you through all the stages of coalition development, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance. From establishing or strengthening your collaborative’s mission, vision, and charter, to helping you develop effective and inclusive meetings, to training teams on deliberative dialogue and conflict resolution techniques, we help your group achieve more.

Services We Offer

Collaborative, coalition and advisory group design and startup
Creating organizing documents and process
Meeting facilitation and process support
Interest-based problem solving and resolving conflict
Training and coaching support (on-site or virtual)
Community Engagement
Retreat Facilitation

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation 

Create productive meetings and positive outcomes

Sometimes you need an outside perspective to bring clarity and focus to a complex meeting or project. We offer customized facilitation services to help you design meetings or a group process that helps you get to results faster.

Sometimes there’s more at stake than just a good meeting

For too many teams, meetings can feel like an inefficient use of time that that keeps staff from actually getting work done. Even when a meeting is run effectively, team members can still walk wondering what was accomplished. Meeting outcomes are more important than the meeting itself.  Many teams get stuck trying to align meeting processes with outcomes. Sometimes it takes an external facilitator to help you break through and make the most of your valuable time together.

We make your meeting time well spent

Our customized facilitation services are the link between productive meetings and positive outcomes. We offer a broad range of facilitation services including general facilitation, project-based facilitation and organizational coaching and training for meeting facilitators. Rather than focusing on meeting tools and tricks, we help you design effective meetings and manage their outcomes.  Let us help you get more out of your meetings.

Services We Offer

Custom facilitation for advisory and board meetings as well as leadership retreats
Meeting process assessment and redesign
Meeting facilitation and process support
Interest-based problem solving and resolving conflict
Training and coaching support to develop internal facilitators (on-site or virtual)
Nonprofit Training

Training and Technical Assistance 

Accelerate learning, solve problems, and achieve more

No one needs to tell you that the pace of change is relentless and that staying relevant requires organizations and communities to invest in learning. Training and development expand your skills and abilities to lead in this changing environment. We offer customized and tailored training and technical assistance to help you accelerate performance.

You can’t think outside the box when your training comes in a box.

Too often, when consultants offer training services, they are generic PowerPoint slide presentations, based on a couple of text books and perhaps decade old research. They might embellish the content by offering a few small group exercises or a case study or two. As a participant, you try to convince yourself it was worth the time and registration fee but deep down inside; you know you did not learn.

That is not our model. Our model is to stay focused on strategic planning, revenue planning, leadership and board development. These domains are the heart of our consulting practice and our daily experiences, equip us to be relevant, practice-based experts bringing real time examples and research into our training and technical assistance services. We work with your team to identify training goals and outcomes and craft customized training and development solutions tailored to your needs.

Strategic thinking for nonprofit leaders

Our customized training keeps you focused on what matters most. Your success. With expertise in adult learning, empowerment education, and performance technology we offer a range of solutions. Whether you are a nonprofit leader looking for a one-time on site or webinar-based workshop for your team and board, or a philanthropic foundation that is designing a multi-day workshop for a cohort of agencies, or a community coalition looking for a blended learning experience that combines onsite and offsite educational experiences, we are here to help.  Talk to us about how we can be your partner to help you stay ahead and achieve more.

Services We Offer

Keynote Speaking & training
Assessment of training needs
Custom training design
Onsite training, webinars, and blended learning formats
Post-training technical assistance and coaching
Cohort and train the trainer models