Nonprofit Strategic Advisory Services

With over 20 years of front line management experience and a decade of consulting experience, I am proud to offer imaginative, customized solutions helping organizations like yours to solve problems, increase effectiveness, and community impact. I bring a deep understanding of the developmental stages of nonprofit organizations and help you thrive at your current level or position for the next stage of growth.  Whether your nonprofit is a start-up, a national leader, or somewhere in between, I understand that your organization is unique. I can help you look at your challenges and opportunities holistically.  

As time allows, I may elect to use some of my nonwork hours to serve as a paid advisor to a single external nonprofit client at any given time. My consulting will be limited to the advisory services described below.

• Strategic Advising –  I have room in my schedule for one client each quarter and provide hourly advisory services to help you design an approach to strategic planning or board development.  I can also help you assess opportunities and challenges, be confident in the decisions you make, or help you get unstuck by serving as a content expert and neutral sounding board. The project scope must be 12 hours or less. My hourly rate $250.

• Retreat Facilitation – I have room in my schedule for one client each quarter that is limited to a 1-2 day board and/or staff retreat facilitation. My day rate for retreat facilitation is $2,500.

• Keynote Speaking and Training – I am limited to 1-2 keynote speaking and training events each year.  Because each training and Keynote address is custom, my rate for this service is negotiated with $5,000 as the floor.

My value proposition is to be your partner in thinking, designing, co-creating. I would welcome being your strategic advisor to help you transform your board, strategy, revenues, or organizational performance.  Here is a list of past clients (link) and nice things past clients have said (link) about me.

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