Facilitating Technology-based Collaborative Workspaces Part 2

. In Part 1 of this post I discussed the roles of a facilitator in helping teams function in a technology-based workspace that was specific to document co-creation (as opposed to web-based training).  The basic message is that all projects need to lead with a consideration of facilitation followed by the process development. When a […]

Facilitating Technology-based Collaborative Workspaces Part 1

. In an age of networks and distributed technology the convening and teams located in different offices or even different continents is an increasingly common phenomenon.  Web-based training, email discussion groups and teleconferencing are now commonplace means of conducting training and exchanging information.  Also increasingly common is the use of technology-based collaborative workspaces for the […]

Goals and Objectives Matter

Recently, I was asking a team for their feedback on the goals and objectives for an approaching  meeting and one team member emailed me, “I always get confused by the differences between goals and objectives but here is what I want out of the meeting.”  As I read these words I had one of those […]

Confronting Problem Behaviors in Meetings

As a facilitator, there will be times when you are confronted with group members who display “problem behaviors” that can impede meeting progress and performance. Such problem behaviors can be wide and varied and some examples might include “hijacking” the meeting the agenda; creating procedural roadblocks to progress or confrontational or bullying communication. At these […]

Matching Facilitation and Process with Outcomes

There is an old truism that states, “If the only tool that you have in your toolbox is a hammer then everything starts looking like a nail.”   In my experience that least productive meetings are those that apply a hammer to every group process.  The typical hammer process is linear.  Start large using brainstorming to […]

A Workplan as a Facilitation and Performance Tool

Elsewhere on this blog, I have written about the importance of a meeting agenda and the importance of having meaningful meeting minutes and meeting minutes. Agendas and minutes are the backbone of effective meetings and are the mechanisms for accountability, shared expectations and tracking progress. The backbone, however, needs strong connecting muscles to guide and […]